Back To Face To Face Lessons

At long last I am able to start offering lessons in my studio from Monday 26th October. I’ve had to make many changes to follow the government guidance on making my business premises Covid-safe. Unfortunately these lessons can’t yet be exactly like our old in-person lessons, so here are the differences…

Pete Farrugia, Online Guitar, Bass Guitar and Ukulele Teacher

1) If on the day of the lesson you feel even slightly unwell, especially if you have a temperature, or are coughing, or have lost your sense of taste and/or smell, or have any flu-like aches and pains please cancel the lesson, you will not be charged. I will do the same if I feel unwell.

2) Before the lesson, I will pick suitable material for us to work on and email it to you. You can either print it out and bring the paper copies to the lesson with you, or bring a tablet so that you can see them on screen. I will provide a music stand, power and wifi to help with that. If possible, bringing a device that you can receive emails on will help us in the event that I need to give you further handouts during the lesson.

3) My teaching studio has been rearranged. At the opposite end of the room to where I sit there used to be a large bass amplifier and a rack of guitars. Both of these have gone. There are now two small amplifiers, one for guitar, the other for bass. There is also a chair and a music stand. The student’s chair is now approximately 1.5 metres from mine.

4) While I continue to supply amplifiers for those with electric instruments, you will have to bring your own accessories with you. For example: cable, pick, tuner, strap, capo, bottleneck/slide.

5) I have also installed a large perspex screen, which separates me from you. All those present must wear face coverings. Together with the screen, that satisfies the government’s 1 metre plus social distancing requirements.

6) I have installed hand sanitiser dispensers in the entrance hall near my front door, as well as by the studio door. I encourage you to use them both before and after the lesson. This is fast flowing liquid sanitiser, not gel, so just a quick press of the button should be enough.

7) No cash or cheques can change hands, and I no longer offer card payment facilities, so all payments must be carried out by bank transfer no later than the start of the lesson.

8) Seating is available for one parent/guardian. However parents and guardians are encouraged to leave the student alone with me for the duration of the lesson, to minimise risks. Unfortunately no waiting room is available.

9) All lessons must end five minutes early, to allow all relevant surfaces to be disinfected.

10) I have completed a Covid 19 risk assessment, which is available for inspection on request.

11) If you suspended lessons at the start of lockdown in March 2020, I cannot guarantee to still have the same time slot available, but I will try my best to accommodate you.

Please note that returning to in-person lessons is optional. If you would prefer to continue with online lessons, then I am also happy to continue.