Looking for a good guitar teacher? I certainly was being a person who has played guitar for many years, been unhappy about my progress, still having only little understanding of music theory and with a long list of bad habits acquired over the years. I certainly needed help.

Well I found one and his name is Pete Farrugia. He is a highly professional teacher. Pete always gives prior thought to what I need to improve my playing. He selects a song that which aims to give me the maximum chance of improving. I am constantly impressed with the thoroughness that Pete puts into the lessons. Each lesson is supported by clear and concise sheets that include chords, lyrics, and help to achieve accurate timing. During the lesson Pete often supplies extra sheets to help with scales and many aspects of music theory (a particular request of mine) Presentation of written material is excellent. Quality is achieved through Pete’s skills and experience in computer technology.

I believe it is a great bonus to have a teacher who has ability and experience as an active performing musician. Pete has a vast knowledge of popular music culture which he passes on to his pupils. Typically a session has the resources mentioned above and in addition Pete sings and plays alongside your learning. This results in lessons that are always thoroughly enjoyable.
Dave Towler

Pete has been teaching my son Tom now for a couple of years. From a complete beginner to the point that he is now about to sit his GCSE in music. Well-structured lessons covering theory and a wide range of music styles. Highly recommended!

Pete is also now teaching my other son Ben Ukulele.
Martin Deane

My son Ben loves the Ukulele because of Pete,  how cool is it to have a 10 year old playing this instrument, loving music and being allowed to express himself through music from all genres?

Have just ordered an electric Ukulele for him and he says he will see you all at the next Cheltenham Festival.
Meredith Deane

Pete has been teaching me to play the ukulele for three years now. I had never played an instrument previously and didn’t consider myself to be particularly musical. I certainly had never sung in public. I was very nervous in the beginning but Pete put me at ease straight away and was very welcoming and friendly. He is an excellent teacher and extremely knowledgeable about all genres of music from pop to the Blues. His lessons are always well prepared and structured, with a clear purpose. Each week there’s a new song to master and practise, and chord sheets are provided to take away. Although music theory is covered and explained it’s done in a fun way and there’s no pressure to study for examinations unless the student wishes to do so. I have gained so much confidence that now I regularly sing and play at open mic slots and attend ukulele festivals on my own. I’m working towards my Grade 4 exam, and with Pete’s patient guidance and support I’m confident I’ll do well. Above all, Pete is a superb musician in his own right and if you ever get the chance to see him play with one of his bands you should certainly do so. I can thoroughly recommend Pete as a teacher.
Christine Maguire

I have been learning Bass Guitar with Pete for a few years now and can thoroughly recommend him. It is a rare privilege to be taught by such an excellent and knowledgeable musician, someone who seems to have infinite patience and stories about whatever type of music we are studying. My lessons with him are a real pleasure – at least for me!!
Cliff Ford

I have been learning guitar with Pete for a number of years. I have always found him very patient with a deep understanding of music. I thought that i knew a bit about music and bands etc. but Pete always seems to have a gem of wisdom on whoever you might be studying that week which always adds to the lesson.

I would highly recommend Pete for all levels of guitar!
Ian Fitzgerald

In a digital world saturated with a slew of very capable guitar players, I found maestro Farrugia a most welcome component in my ‘learning kit’. He cuts to the chase without nonsense, and his demonstrations have both breadth and depth. In showing me a mélange of Mick Ronson (Bowie’s arch gunslinger) riffs, he not only executed the chord structures and so-forth perfectly, but also relayed the technicalities and sentiments behind them in a way that was digestible. Not short on substance, all aspects were covered comprehensively, and I have gleaned some insight into a great hero, Mick Ronson, via the exceptionally gifted and mileaged Mr Pete Farrugia. Many thanks for the input, invested into the guitar playing that I love.
Tim Fox

Pete is not just an excellent teacher. Most of all he can inspire and make you understand and love music.
Krzysztof Myslinski

I have been trying to learn the guitar on and off for about 5 years using YouTube videos. I have probably progressed more in the last 4 months since I started with Pete than I did over the whole of those 5 years. You need to have someone pushing you and I love the fact that Pete knows everything there is to know about music. Whatever question I throw at Pete he always has an excellent way of explaining. Pete also has a fantastic variety of music to teach, so far I think I have covered Bill Withers, White Snake, Chuck Berry, The Beatles…
Steven Coates

Pete has shown considerable patience and perseverance in getting me back to enjoy playing the guitar. Without him I would probably have given up! Truly inspirational.
Julian Biggs

Pete is an absolute gent!  A talented and highly experienced tutor. Recommended!
David Rollins

I’ve been having lessons with Pete Farrugia for a number of years now and he’s a great tutor, true professional and all round great guy.
Mike Lawrence

The increasing popularity of the ukulele encouraged my wife and I to fill some of our retirement by trying to learn a musical instrument for the first time in our lives. Once we’d bought our instruments; a Lanikai soprano for my wife and a Stagg concert for myself, we set about finding a teacher.

We were fortunate enough to find Pete Farrugia and decided to share one hour’s lesson a week. Both of us immediately felt comfortable with Pete’s professional, relaxed, patient and encouraging style of teaching. With Christmas approaching we asked him to teach us a Christmas Carol and shortly after our first lessons we made our public debut by playing and singing Silent Night for our five grandchildren. Encouraged by this triumph we have now been with Pete for nearly two years and have assembled a playlist which includes pop-songs, folk-songs, ballads and the occasional blues.

Pete is an accomplished musician and it is always a pleasure to hear him demonstrate what is possible with the ukulele. When we arrive for our lesson he is always prepared with a new piece of work which includes chord diagrams, the chord structure and the words of the song with the chord changes indicated. Pete’s choice of songs has enabled us to learn and achieve competence in the use of a wide range of chord structures. Where it is appropriate Pete will also layout the musical notation, overlaid with the tablature. He is also very happy to dip into his knowledge of the development of music to explain and demonstrate any queries that arise from the structure of a particular piece.

We have no hesitation in recommending Pete Farrugia as a teacher and as an example of what can be achieved.
Richard & Pauline Mann

We first came across Pete Farrugia almost four years ago now. My son regularly has lessons with Pete and we could not be happier. We have a very friendly reception and always feel encouraged by the enthusiasm and great interest that Pete shows in all forms of music. His musical knowledge is phenomenal and we are very pleased with my son’s progress. He has progressed though the RGT grades under Pete’s guidance very smoothly indeed and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone who is considering guitar lessons, at whatever level or age group.
Jude Foreman

I have been taught by Pete for about a term on the Uke. As an older student I was worried I was too late to learn, but Pete has always been very supportive, patient and encouraging. Pete paced the lessons well for my level of skill and ability and used innovative and multi-sensory ways to teach me including visual ways of displaying chords, listening to the notes on other instruments, and even You Tube which I thought was really fun and kept my interest. Pete was always well prepared for my sessions and had new scales and chords for me coupled with new songs to learn. I always left each lesson with a new song under my belt and was given homework each week that kept me motivated to learn. His approach to teaching is very supportive and he is always happy to source songs that you like and does his best to help you learn in a supportive and encouraging environment. I would definitely recommend Pete to anyone who is looking to learn a new instrument with a fun and “up to date” teacher!
Moyna Talcer

I decided to take up the Ukulele a few years ago and having no previous experience, I was recommended to Pete for lessons. With his patient tuition I made rapid progress and was very impressed with both his expertise, and the effort he put into preparing every lesson. His obvious enjoyment in helping others master their musical instrument is clear and I would recommend Pete to anyone wishing to learn an instrument in a fun and relaxed environment.
Chris Lambert-Gorwyn

We would like thank you very much for teaching us since May 2012 and have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons with you. You have been a superb teacher and we appreciate your patience with us.
Karen & Andrew Blundell


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